USB 3 SuperSpeed Mac SSD Drives

The get the most benefit from a USB 3.0 port's bandwidth potential, pairing your SuperSpeed Mac with an external USB3 solid-state drive leverages the benefits to the max. Free from mechanical issues of noise, heat, rotational latency, and access time lag, solid-state USB 3.0 SSD storage is swift, silent and has low power demands.
Akitio SSD For MacOyen SSD For MacLaCie SSD For Mac
Akitio USB3 aDrive

Oyen Digital USB3 SSD

Slim Portable Solid-State
Portable 128GB SSD

Affordable USB3 SSD

Above we feature a few of the top-selling Apple compatible external USB 3.0 solid-state portable drives from Seagate, Western Digital, G-Technology, Akitio, Oyen Digital and LaCie. They typcially feature internal SSD's in 128GB / 256GB unformatted capacity, but 512GB and even 1TB SSD USB 3.0 Mac backup drives are now available. Read / Write backup speeds under OSX are typically between 200Mpbs to 300Mpbs, easily 2 to 3 times faster than mechanical hard drive based USB3 backup solutions.

USB3 mSATA Mac SSD Pocket Drives

With NAND flash chip capacities going up and die size shrinking, the physical space for a USB3 Mac backup drive is shrinking too. For years, conventional portable drives have used standard 2.5" laptop SSD drives about the size of a deck of cards. However, a new generation of mSATA SSD module based 'Pocket Drives' are even smaller, more akin to the size of a matchbox, but still offering SuperSpeed USB3 connectivity and excellent Read / Write performance.
MyDigital Mini SSDDIY Mini SSD EnclosureUltra-Fast mSATA Module
MyDigital SSD Drive

Ultra-Tiny Mac Backups
Oyen mSATA USB3 Case

For 50mm mSATA Modules
Build Your Own SSD

50mm mSATA Modules

MyDigitalSSD offers extremely competitive pricing on it's SSD storage solution in 64GB, 128Gb and 256GB solid-state drive capacities. But you can also built your own mini pocket SSD backup with any number of cheap mSATA USB 3.0 drive enclosures and the 50mm mSATA solid-state flash memory module of your choice. When choosing an external SuperSpeed enclosure for a solid-state drive module, remember to check if UASP protocol is supported. UASP drive enclosures will deliver faster drive performance with lower CPU overhead.