Recommended Mac USB 3.0 Hubs

Apple computer users with A LOT of existing USB accessories and gadgets might be interested in a Mac compatible USB 3 hub. Some may be satisifed with the TWO included USB 3 ports now on ALL MacBook models currently shipping, or the FOUR USB3 ports now standard on all Mac mini and iMac desktop computers.

Types Of USB3 Device Sharing Hubs For Mac

  1. AC Powered Hubs - For Desktop use with high-current devices
  2. Unpowered Hubs - For MacBook Travel or Desktop Use
  3. Device Charging Hubs - For Quick Desktop Charging Of iPads, iPhones or iPods

USB 3.0 Mac Hub Devices

Explore a few of the currently shipping USB 3.0 device sharing hub products featured below:            
Dual Charging Port HubPortable USB 3 HubStylish 7-Port Hub
SuperSpeed 7 Port Hub

Two 1.5mA Charge Ports
4 Port USB3 Hub

Ideal For MacBook
Aluminum USB3 Hub

Ideal For iMac or Mac mini

Apple Compatible USB 3.0 Hubs

With Apple providing so many built-in USB 3.0 ports on it's newest Macintosh desktop computers like the Mac Pro, iMac and Mac mini - only those with A LOT of USB 2x and 3x gadgets are likely to need a USB 3x hub. Recent MacBooks now include 2 USB3 ports which may be enough for some, but in my own experience I find that at my desktop I occasionally have to switch my Mac gadgets in and out of the two ports. Another factor that may limit the need for an external, Apple compatible USB3 hub is the trend towards wireless Mac accessories such as All-In-One printers or wireless Bluetooth speakers for iPad, iPhone and Mac use.