High-Speed Mac Compatible USB 3.0 Keychain Drives

The USB 3 flash storage drive market is maturing nicely. Many people are already enjoying some of the benefits of SuperSpeed USB3 thumb drives with new Macs and PC's shipping with on-board USB 3.0 ports, or through computers upgraded with PCI USB3 cards. USB 3 flash drives are taking advantage of the more optimized USB 3 Mass Storage drivers that Mac OSX now includes.

USB3 SuperSpeed Thumb Drives For Mac

A growing number of SuperSpeed computer accessories and shipping USB 3.0 peripherals.

External USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Here's a sampling of some of the faster USB3 keychain sytle drives on the market:
SuperFast Thumb DriveLaCie USB3 KeychainFastest SanDisk USB3
Patriot SuperSonic USB3

Reads Up To 260Mbps
LaCie USB 3 Keychain

16GB - 32GB Storage
Sandisk Extreme Drive

Blazing USB3 Performance

Apple Compatible USB 3.0 Flash Drives?

Out of the box, nearly all USB flash drives are preformatted for DOS/Windows. That's fine since your Mac will immediately recognize it. It also eases any cross-platform compatibility issues so that you can share your files with Macintosh or Windows users easily. For select situations, you MIGHT want to reformat the flash drive for MacOS use ONLY - such as when creating a bootable disk to start Mac OSX up from. In this case, you'd want to reformat the USB3 flash drive using Apple's Disk Utility to the proper partition table and format type. With Intel based Macs, this would be a GUID partition table and HFS Extended formatting.