High Speed Mac Compatible USB 3.0 SSD Drives

The SSD USB3 Mac drive market delivers on the promise of extremely fast OSX backups and file transfers. By leveraging the insane Read - Write speeds of solid-state flash memory combined with the greater bandwidth of the USB 3.0 interface specification, it's a performance match made in heaven.

External USB 3.0 SSD Disk Drives

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LaCie Porsche SSD

Slim Laptop Backup
Oyen Digital SSD

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MyDigital USB3 SSD

Capacities To 512GB

USB3 SuperSpeed Solid-State Disk Drives For Mac

There's many benefits to owning a USB3 SSD backup drive for your Mac: 1. Ultra-fast backups, 2. Cool, Silent operation with no moving parts, 3. High impact resistance and reliability, 4. Low power demands from a MacBook's USB port - no AC power required, 5. Compact Laptop size portable storage without the bulk of desktop drives.

If there's any drawbacks to solid-state storage it's likely related to drive capacity and cost. SSD drive prices have plummeted in the past year to under $0.75 cents per GigaByte making them far more affordable for modest backup requirements - and capacities from 256GB to 512GB are now available. If you have more demanding multi-terabyte storage requirements, a conventional HDD mechanical drive is probably the better option.

Apple Compatible USB 3.0 SSD Drives

Most shipping SuperSpeed drives are formatted for Windows and will work on both a Mac or PC. However for optimal Macintosh use, and when cross-platform data transfers aren't required, you might want to re-format the drive for Mac OSX using Apple's Disk Utility in OSX to manage the drive optimally for Macintosh file handling.