Which Apple Computers Have USB 3.0 Ports?

It was a slow rollout of the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface across Apple's desktop and laptop computer line. After initially appearing on select MacBook laptop models in 2012, Apple slowly migrated to USB3 connectivity with sucessive product revisions across the notebook lineup, then to the Mac mini, then the Apple iMac and -- after a long delay -- finally released the long awaited Macintosh Pro cyliner featuring not only SIX USB 3.0 ports, but also delivering the 2nd generation 20Gbps ThunderBolt 2 interface as well.

Apple Desktops With USB 3.0 Ports

As we see in Apple's newest USB 3.0 SuperSpeed capable desktop Macintosh systems, Apple's been quite generious with four USB3 ports on consumer Macs, and six on the Mac Pro professional Macintosh. Given how many Mac users have Wireless printers and Bluetooth peripherals, the average Mac user will find 4 or more USB3 ports are more than adequate for their USB devices without having to resort to adding an external USB 3.0 hub.

USB 3 Mac MiniUSB 3 iMacUSB 3 Mac Pro
Apple Mac Mini Desktop

Quad USB 3 Ports
USB 3.0 iMac

Four USB 3.0 Ports
Quad-Core Mac Pro

6 USB3 + TBolt2

Apple Laptops With USB 3.0 Ports

In the early day's of the MacBook Air, there was only a single USB 2.0 port which frustrated many Apple laptop users, fortunately Apple soon rolled-out DUAL USB ports and has continued that tradition with even faster PAIR of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports on all MacBook Pro and Air models now shipping. One USB3 interface is located on each side of the MacBook. In rare circumstances when you have a high-demand USB powered device like a portable Mac hard drive that uses a short, dual-ended USB Y-Cable to deliver adequate power, you might find the locations to be problematic.

USB 3 Pro MacBookUSB 3 Air MacBookUSB 3 Retina MacBook
USB 3 MacBook Pro 13"

Dual USB3 Speed Ports
USB 3 MacBook Air

11.6" Display
USB 3 Retina 15" MacBook

New .71" Ultra-Thin NoteBook

With the rollout of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed across all models of Apple Macintosh systems, it looks like the market for Mac compatible USB 3 Drives and other SuperSpeed Apple accessories has finally taken off.

USB 3.0 Backward Compatible? Yes!

All these more recent Macintosh systems with integrated USB 3.0 support offer backward device compatibility with all of your legacy USB 2.0 and even slowest USB 1.1 speed Mac peripherals and gadgets. They'll just run at the slower speeds they were manufactured for. For example a USB 2.0 Mac backup drive will 'just-work' when plugged in, but cannot take advantage of the higher bandwidth the USB 3.0 port is capable of.