USB 3 External Drives For Mac

Considering a new hard drive purchase? Apple may have dragged it's heels, but the transition to USB 3 is now complete with recent USB 3 MacBooks all Macintosh desktop computers from Apple now featuring integrated USB 3.0 ports. Meanwhile, the USB 3 computer peripheral market is exploding with a huge array of SuperSpeed add-on cards, backup drives, hubs and computer accessories. Many PC users - and a few Macintosh Pro and MacBook Pro owners are enjoying the benefits of SuperSpeed hard drives with supported PCI-e and Expresscard USB 3 cards and select CalDigit or LaCie USB3 Accessories for Mac on OSX Leopard and Lion.

USB 3 SuperSpeed Hard Drives

The potential 10x performance benefits of Super-Speed USB 3 are clear: Backward compatibility with USB 2.0 makes a USB3 back-up drive a smart forward-thinking purchase. The promise of OSX disk cloning, file copying and OSX TimeMachine backups in a FRACTION of the time it used to take is compelling. USB3 ports are shipping in several manufacturers PC desktop and laptop computer logic boards as well: HP, ASUS, MSI and others as new Ivy-Bridge motherboards with USB 3 ports onboard are introduced in 2012.

The push by these pioneers has resulted in an increasing number of shipping USB 3 drives from Seagate, Iomega, Western Digital and others. By year's end 2012 - we'll finally see widespread adoption of SuperSpeed for the masses.

External USB 3 Mac Hard Drive Backup Solutions

All these drives come formatted for Windows. Simply use Apple's Disk Utility to REFORMAT with a GUID Partition Table for Intel Based Macs - and you're good to go! Got an older Mac? Backup at normal 2.0 speeds to meet your needs today - and enjoy improved Read/Write speeds on your next USB3 enabled Macintosh later down the road.

1TB SuperSpeed DriveUSB3 Card-Cable-Drive Combo2.5" Portable 3.0 Interface Drive
Verbatim SuperSpeed Drive

3.5" 1 Terabyte Disk
WD USB 3 1TB Hard Drive

With USB 3 PCI-e Card
Iomega eGo SuperSpeed

Portable Laptop Drive

Mac USB 3 Backup Drives?

Until the recent release of USB 3 MacBook models - Apple Macintosh users were left waiting for USB 3 driver support in Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion. Given the clear trend towards SuperSpeed - it's wise for Macintosh users to start buying USB 3 backup drives, partitioning and reformatting the drive for Mac OSX if needed, and enjoying the backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 until Intel and Apple get thier SuperSpeed enabled computers on the market.

DIY Mac Backup Drives : USB 3 Enclosures

Armed with the favorite 2.5" or 3.5" bare SATA II or III hard drive mechanism of your choice - pair it with any number of SuperSpeed hard disk enclosures and you can cobble together your own USB 3 backup drive for Mac that will work NOW with your existing iMac, MacBook, Macintosh Pro or Mac mini at USB 2.0 speeds - and be ready for full USB 3 speeds on your next MacBook or Macintosh desktop system.

External USB 3 Mac Hard Drive Cases and Enclosures

3.5" SuperSpeed EnclosureFull Size USB3 Dive Case2.5" Portable 3.0 Enclosure

USB 3 For Apple Mac - An Inevitability

Was it premature or forward thinking? When originally went live, it seemed the trajectory for this next generation of USB 3 peripherals was going to happen alot sooner than it has. But we're at the tipping point - where Apple simply CANNOT afford to drag thier heels on including USB3 ports on their Mac computers much longer - simply for competitive reasons. The benefits, time-savings and productivity efficiency of USB3 Super-Speed is so compelling, it's a no brainer at this point: The handwriting's on the wall - and you'll read all about it after MacWorld Expo 2011...